4 Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid Making

Nowadays, if you aren’t online you are practically extinct. Most of the businesses have realized this and are rushing to create websites. While the websites increase the online presence of the businesses, studies show that most of the business owners are making plenty of web design mistakes. To help you out, here are some of these mistakes and how to avoid making them:

Hiring any web design company

We understand you are in a hurry to be visible online, but this shouldn’t be an excuse to hire any web design company you come across. No two companies are the same thus you should take your time to research and find the most reputable. Before settling on any company, you should see the portfolio of the businesses that the company has worked with before. To ensure that you are partnering with the right people, contact the businesses and know their experience.

Creating a one-page site

The only point of having a website is for people to know you are online, right? You are wrong. When people are searching for you, they are interested to know more about your company. They want to know the people behind the company, the history of the company and other nitty gritty information. When the people find this information they have more confidence in your company thus they are more likely to work with you.

When most of the people are looking for information or products online they key in keywords. To attract new customers to your business, it’s important that you optimize your site for search engines. In addition to giving all the information about your business, you should also include a blog where you give information about the products and services in your area of specialization. You should also work on building links in order to increase the ranking of your website.

Having a cluttered look

It’s often said that first impressions matter. For users to stick to your site you should have a beautiful and simple website. This calls for you to avoid flash displays. Your website should be consistent. This calls for you to avoid changing the layout, sidebar positions, color scheme and other features on every page. You should leave plenty of whitespace around your design elements in order to give the website a simple look. Also, divide your content into different categories. This is to make it easy for users to navigate your site.

Designing the website only for desktops

Decades ago, people accessed websites using their desktops only. This is no longer the case. Nowadays, people are using phones, tablets, and other devices to access websites. This means that if your website is only visible on desktops, you will be losing a lot of business. During the development of the website, go for a responsive design that allows your site to be visible on a wide range of devices.

Quick! Implement These Web Design Tips

For the most part, Internet Marketers want to make money for their efforts online. As with any good businessperson, their efforts should be rewarded for the hard work that they do. Website design seems to fall into the cracks, seemingly regarded as less important than all other aspects of their business model.

They often use a boiler plate template, hoping that this will make the money. Your cash flow can actually be dependent upon the type of web design that you use. Once you have finished this article, you will realize what areas of your website need work, and also how to get the job done in regard to fixing them.

If the visitor arrives, and hears audio, this will make them turn and run! There are a lot of Internet Marketers who swear that it will help them increase their profits. Many people actually do not like to hear audio playing, especially if they were not anticipating the sound starting up. If this does occur, the usual reaction is for the visitor to leave, and never come back to your website.

You might offer the visitor the ability to read a transcript of what you are going to say, or allowing them to click on a button to hear the audio if they so choose. You can create a ton of good will, and enhance your profit margin, by simply being considerate to others.

Don’t spend a lot of time worrying about what’s “cool”. Whatever is “cool” now will probably be obsolete in a few minutes. It is better to stick to what you know and getting to where you wish to be. You will be hard pressed to go up against some of the other websites that have an endless supply of money. Thankfully, at least right now, you don’t need to compete with them. Concentrate on keeping your site practical and helpful for all who will be viewing it.

Functionality always supersedes style. This is ultimately the truth.

Small type is always preferable over large print. Small fonts look cleaner and neater. We feel smarter when we read them. We feel this way, yet we are not sure why this occurs. When we read these fonts, even though we feel smarter, they are hard on our eyes. The choice of a larger font should enable the visitor to read your web copy and potentially purchase your product, something they might not do if you use a smaller font. The font that you use should not be overly large, but never smaller than 12 point to be safe.

To get really good website design, you need to consider every aspect of the site, small and great. Many people are under the impression that designing a website is easy but the truth is that it could become complicated and does take a lot of work. This article should be able to help you and your designer make your site look better than ever. You will be able to create a profitable website that looks fantastic, by just putting in a little time and effort.

5 Best Android Apps for Graphic Designers

For designers from all walks of life, mobile phones and even tablets are becoming useful and personal tools to excel in their field of creativity. Most of the phones whether it be low-budget or high-end flagships, they run on android as it is the most popular mobile platform in the world.

Basically, android apps make smartphones and tablets interesting tools to do anything a user feels like. There are tons of apps on Google Play Store to help you make graphical masterpieces but to find best ones is not a piece of cake! Do not worry as here is a list of top 5 android apps for professional graphic designers:

    1. Sketchbook Express
      Sketchbook Express can become your companion in those moments when you see something and want to draw It out. Originally created by Autodesk, Sketchbook Express is a free professional sketching and painting app which is specially built for creative soul fanatics who loves to draw down every imaginative idea! This app features various tools to help graphic designers ensure that their work is one step ahead than others. Overall, it is a great app which every designer should install.
    1. Paperless
      Another android app that is gradually leaving its mark on minds of every designer in the world and making its place in Google Play Store Best Apps for Designers is Paperless. Rather than creating masterworks, you can jot down your imaginative ideas and organize them in form of canvas, or e-books. There are 6 tools present for designers which help to sketch, color and writing notes. Without having to log in to your social accounts, you can easily share your creations.
    1. Infinite Design
      Do you want to meet a new kid on the block? Here is Infinite Design which is new on Google Play Store but doing really good and making its space in the industry. All the vector art lovers and designers, this app is specially designed for you as it lets you create immensely mind-boggling designs on smartphones or tablets. It comes packed with various tools like endless layers, infinite canvas and much more which makes this app rather special for graphic designers.
    1. ArtFlow
      If you are finding something different, then here is an android app for graphic designers that tops the popularity charts: Artflow! The user-friendly interface steals the heart away. Creative person of any age group can use ArtFlow. Some of the features that make it stand out are 6-steo undo, 70 brushes, up to 16 layers, etc. Moreover, its ‘Palm rejection’ feature makes it favorite of designers.
  1. Adobe Illustrator Draw
    After reading the name, you would have figured out the makes of this android app. That’s right, Adobe Inc. As a professional graphic designer, if you want to make some exceptional vector artworks and illustrations, do not think twice before using Adobe Illustrator Draw. With 5 vector brushes, scalable strokes, intuitive interface, it becomes a go-to app for every designer.

A designer’s life is unpredictable. You don’t know what may strike you and when. If you are a freelance graphic designer or a professional one working in an agency, try using these apps for making strokes of genius.

Tips To Prevent Your Website From Being Hacked

A website is a platform that enables you to sell your products and services worldwide. It attracts customers but only converts your visitors into your customer if it makes them feel safe on your website. To win their trust, you have to provide them a platform where they can buy whatever they want without worrying about their precious data. No website is 100% secure there are so many hackers are always ready to attack your website. Here are some simple and useful tips you can use to prevent your website from being hacked. Scroll down to have a look.

Keep Software Up To Date: One of the simplest ways to prevent your website from being hacked is by keeping your software up to date. This is because CMS like WordPress, Joomla, PHP, Drupal etc., update their software on a regular basis, which creates an extra layer of security around your website and keeps it protected.

Use Secured Password: Another tip that helps you to prevent your website from being hacked is pick a tough and hard to guess password. It is the first thing that hackers try to break, so, they can enter your website and prevent this situation. It is always good to use safe and secure passwords, which are hard to break and change them shortly.

Secure Your Admin Login: Make sure the admin panel of your website is safe and secure, so, no one can dare to enter it. For this, you should never use your admin name as a username because it is easy to guess and simple to break. So, you should secure your admin login by choosing a tricky admin name and password to protect your website from a hacker.

Use Trusted Plugins: You can prevent your website from being hacked by using trusted plugins. Yes, you heard it right. There are so many plugins that developers use to add functionality to your website and choosing among the best can help you to keep your website secured from any malicious attack.

Backup: Last but not the least way you can save your website from being hacked is by making a backup of your overall website. It gives you assurance that your data is secure and you can change it whenever you need.

Overall, these are some simple and useful ways you can pick to save your website from being hacked. So, what are you waiting for? Before your customer move to your competitor give them a high-level of security that easily wins their trust and provides them best shopping experience ever.

Top Qualities To Consider When Choosing Motion Backgrounds For Your Use

Motion backgrounds are visually attractive and very appealing to look at and they can transform your website or any other setting you need to use them on. Just like the name suggests, they are backgrounds that have motion in them and they could be made up of patterns that continually move. If you have great designs and attractive content, these backgrounds make the perfect choices to the traditional ones. The good news about them is that you can actually find free motion backgrounds to download for your use online. But then what qualities should you look out for when choosing the best for your use?

1. Simplicity and elegance

These backgrounds are designed to highlight content and features of a website or any other kind of display. You therefore should choose a design that is simple to the eye, yet one that is still elegant enough to keep the content interesting. The last thing you want to do is to take content importance away and hence as much as the background is attractive is should still manage to keep attention on the main concept. It is best that you stick to designs which are eye pleasing yet keep the content readable and meaningful.

2. Modernity and crispness

Visually pleasing is what your motion background ought to be and you will find very good current design trends to make your display stand out. Stay away from the usual themes and instead look out for modern and clean designs that fit into your desired style. With hundreds of designs to choose from, you definitely will find one that is modern and clean enough to match your preferences and make your display stand out.

3. Color vibrancy

The background you choose should come alive when you project them and only those in rich, vibrant colors will manage to do so. If you are using the backgrounds for your website, then select colors that are in relation to the content. The font style you have used can help you make the right color selections with a good tip being selecting dark motion backgrounds for white colored text. The rule in color is to make sure that it works for the design and content and does not end up being distractive to the eyes.

4. Compatibility with devices

Backgrounds especially used in websites should be carefully selected so they are compatible with any kind of device the audiences decide to use. The motion background that you choose should remain appealing and pleasant on laptops, desktops, tablets and even smartphones. The size of the device should not in any way create a viewer experience that is unpleasant. Be sure to go with what creates a pleasant experience for all users across the board and keeps your content relevant.

5. Seamless animations

Animations are powerful but then again, you must ensure there is perfect balance so your content does not end up getting distorted. The animations you select should be engaging and innovative and should be designed to loop perfectly without making the loop too obvious. Seamless animation that repeats infinitely without the audience knowing it looped improves visibility and appeal.

Importance Of Web Design In Content Marketing

If web designing is the soul of your website, content marketing without it is like a body without a soul. It matters a lot because of a number of reasons that are described below in this article. It is the silent promoter of your brand that gives you great benefits. The design is very much important to marketers in every sense and basically, it is the main key to success that you need a lot. If content is like salt in your dish, web designing is what your dish all about. To know more about its importance, scroll down and take a look below.

Grab Attention: One of the common reasons why web designing is important in content marketing is that it helps to grab the attention of the visitors. A great design is transparent that help to reflect your motives to your clients and give them a reason to visit your website. It adds value to your content marketing strategy and catches the eyes of the visitors.

To Make The First Impression: Another reason you need web designing for getting results from your content marketing strategy is that it helps to make your first impression on the visitor’s mind. This is because content captures the mind, but a cool design with great stuff can catch the mind and heart of the visitors and keep them on your website for a longer time.

Help To Measure Your Progress: Whether you are a small organization or a big brand, web designing is important for your business because it helps to measure your progress. Content marketing is incomplete without it, so you should include it in your strategy to get effective results.

Reduce The Chances Of Getting Lost In The Feed: Needless to say, web designing increase the time people stay on your website. In the absence of this, content marketing lost in the feed and attract only half of the customers.

All in all, web designing is important in content marketing and all above mentioned points are enough to prove it. So, you should also understand its value and take benefit from it before it is too late and your competitors take your customers away. What are you waiting for? Go and hire talented web designers or consult a reputed website designing company for any professional help that work as the ladder of your success that too within your stipulated budget.

5 Skills Which Every Web Designer Should Master

Art and science go hand-in-hand if we talk about web design. Basically, web design is divided into two halves i.e. first half being the intense knowledge of coding and design know-how, other half is absolutely based on the intuition, what looks good and what not. Doesn’t matter if you are starting your career in interface designing or wishing to become a professional web developer, you must develop a strong foundation of core skills and fundamentals to stand out of the pack!

But, what these skills are and how do you own these skills? Well, these fundamentals do not appear overnight. Let’s talk about various skills every interface creator should possess to reach sublime levels and to master them:

  • Sense of Design

Creativity comes from within, it can’t be learned or understood! Before even thinking about becoming an interactive designer or web developer, you should try to find that whether you are creative enough to create and have a good sense of designs. Design is a vast module in which you should be aware of the basic principles of design, typography, layout, color, flow, spacing, how to use pictures and much more. It’s a smart idea for any interactive expert to have basic knowledge of principles of designing!

  • HTML on Your Finger Tips

The foundation of every website is coding and the language used worldwide for coding is our very own Hypertext Markup Language or HTML. Different interface experts have different mindsets i.e. some of the interactive designers seem to think that it’s not important to know coding while others are obstinate that to know coding is the basic need for every genuine interface developer or creator. At the very least, every accomplished web expert should know the basics of HTML.

  • Capability of Creating Stellar Copy

One step ahead towards a great interface expert is to have the skills of writing unique and promising copy. In today’s market, knowing how to write effective and informative copy is an unbeatable asset as there are fewer interface designers who possess this skill. Being an interactive designer, you will be able to do marketing of your services without any difficulty.

  • Keen Interest for Learning New Trends

There is always a learning curve for anything you want to learn! If you are passionate enough about designing websites, then only you can learn new things. The main reason behind consistent learning is the fact that the industry keeps on developing new trends of designing like currently, Material Design is in fashion. Always be open to new styles and trends of designing and you will become the well-rounded expert.

  • Great Listening Power

Since you work with clients day and night, you should learn to listen and not just you have to listen but because you want to listen. It is quite beneficial for your career as it helps you build a lifetime quality and it will make you a professional and attentive web designer.